Let's all speak aswaaq!

Let's all speak aswaaq!

Falafel Sandwich


• 2 pc ready falafel (frozen)
• few tomato
• lettuce leaves
• Tehina
• 30 gms Hummus
• Arabic bread
• White mixed pickle


• Deep fry the falafel until golden brown in colour & keep aside to cool
• Apply hummus inside the bread.
• Arrange cucumber & tomato on bread.
• Then just flatten the falafel with your hand palm & fill in the middle of bread.
• Drizzle with tehina on top & garnish with white mixed pickle.
• Roll the breads tightly & wrap with butter paper

Other Requirement:

• Wear gloves always while handling food
• Clean and sanitize the food contact surfaces before starting preparation
• Keep the ingredients chilled and reduce the time outside the chiller


Tahina, Hummus
Falafel Sandwich
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